Frequently Asked Questions

How does Gideon Math and Reading differ from school?
Gideon requires mastery before advancement. Schools cannot customize for the remedial or the advanced child which creates a ‘one-size’ fits all for students. The Gideon curriculum is self-paced and individualized.

How does the Gideon program differ from private tutoring?
The Gideon program is not meant to be a quick fix like tutoring. Tutoring works on current homework, but does not go to the root of the problem. Gideon, on the other hand, builds a strong foundation filling in any holes and gaps.

Why do we time the math?
Gideon times its math booklets to ensure the student has mastered the facts and is not finger counting. Our initial goal is for the student to ‘overlearn’ the basic arithmetic facts and to know them as well as his name. This mastery learning always creates success in math.