Summer Camps and Classes

Don’t let your student spend all summer off from academics.   Don’t let them lose ground by forgetting what they learned this last year and getting behind for next year. Help them learn the discipline of regular study habits and help them get ahead for next year. Check out our GIDEON program or set them up for regular tutoring or one of our workshops.  They need to know that you, as a parent, support them and want them to take full advantage of their education. Encourage them to achieve more!

Inclement Weather

We will follow the lead by the Rockwall School District as to whether we will be open on a particular day due to bad weather.   If the schools open  late on a bad weather day, we will be open that afternoon.   If they close for the whole day or days, we will also be closed.  Our children are our greatest blessing and their safety should always come first.

If a snow day occurs after Wednesday, my staff and I will make every effort to open for a short amount of time on Thursday or Friday so you may pick up additional work to get you through the weekend  or until the next class day.